BlockGets v 1.2

Logic development game, version 1.2

How to play:
The game has levels, 12 in total, the higher the level, the more complex the shapes appear.

The figure with the mouse must be dragged onto the field and thrown into the free cells, for which one point is given, if the horizontal or vertical line is filled, they disappear and bring 2 points.

If two or more lines disappear at once, then 5 times more points are added to the score.

If there are no free cells for a figure, you can click on the “refresh” button, then a new figure will appear, but 5 points are deducted.

The game is almost endless, but you can also lose easily when the score is less than zero.

Download BlockGets v 1.2 (zip)

The software product is free, therefore you acknowledge and agree that you accept any risk arising from the work of BlockGets v 1.2.