Rocket Posting

The program can send a large number of lines from a file to the server.

For example, you need to send a large number of product records to a store from a file.

How does it work:
You must specify the file from which the data will be extracted,specify which script will handle requests, if additional variables are required.

Rocket Posting can send from one to 1000 lines from a file at a time, naturally this should be provided in the script that will process the data.

How to work with the program using an example:
Open the saved project test, open the document with the data to be sent, file test.txt and press START

An example script for receiving data is in the program folder.

The result can be seen here:

Download Rocket Posting v 0.1 (zip)

The software product is free, therefore you acknowledge and agree that you accept any risk arising from the work of Rocket Posting.