Remove duplicates

The program is intended to delete the same lines in text documents. Processes files in which up to 10 million lines.

Two deletion modes are supported:

the first is to remove duplicate lines in one document;

second - two documents are checked for the same lines, the lines in the second document are deleted if the first one has a double.

How it works:

if you delete the same lines in one document, you must open it with the "Open file 1" button, then click "Remove duplicates in files 1" and wait for the processing to finish;

if you compare with the first document and delete the lines in the second document, you need to open the first document with which you will align with the button "Open file 1", then open the second document, where the lines will be deleted with the button "Open file 2" and click "Remove duplicates in files 2 ".

After each press of the buttons, wait until the operations are completed, you can see the progress of all processing in the field below the buttons.

Download Remove duplicates v 1.0 (zip)